May 8, 2020

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Acne scar and sun spots before and after

Best Reno Dermatologist 

If you’re having issues with your skin, whether you want to take care of a few wrinkles with the latest anti-aging treatments or want to clear up that pesky adult acne, then you’re going to need to set an appointment with a professional. Finding the right licensed Reno dermatologist can be challenging, but the right doctor can help make you feel more confident and happy with your skin. 

So how do you find the best dermatologist in your area? Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision.

Check Out Their Credentials and Reviews 

Any doctor who has a medical degree has the right to practice dermatology, but this certainly doesn’t make just any MD the right choice for you. In order to become an American Board of Dermatology board-certified dermatologists, doctors have to spend three years in residency on top of their additional education and training. This ensures their complete understanding and knowledge of skincare and ensures your trust in their skills and abilities.

Also, be sure to check out their reviews and look for positive and negative feedback to help lead you in the right direction. And remember, never be afraid to ask the doctor for his/her credentials as proof that they are a licensed dermatologist and beware of any who are not willing to show them to you.

reno dermatologistAssess Your Comfortability

In your search for the right Reno dermatologist, consider that you are going to be talking to them about a wide range of “personal” information. With this in mind, it is very important that you feel very comfortable with the doctor. Some prefer a doctor of the same gender, while others feel this isn’t important. Ultimately you need to know how you feel before you get too far into your search.

Make Sure They Take Their Time

If your family doctor is like most, he probably seems to be a bit rushed most of the time. If you are lucky, you have a family doctor who always has the time to listen to you and talk with you about any concerns you have. Your Reno dermatologist should be the same way.

A great dermatologist should take the time to talk to you about any concerns you might have, explain things like your treatment plans, and any tests he asks you to undergo. Rather than acting like he is sitting there watching the clock, a top-quality licensed dermatologist will focus on you and nothing else. 

Insurance Coverage

Checking your list of available medical providers, including Reno dermatologists, is a very practical matter that can affect your ultimate decision. While you may find a doctor that seems perfect, if they’re not covered under your insurance plan, then it could be costly and inconvenient for you to see them. So, be sure to check your list of providers with the available dermatologists in your area. 

Schedule a Consultation Before Deciding

If you’re still unsure about which doctor to see after doing all your own research, then consider scheduling a consultation with a few at the top of your list. This will give you a better insight into how your experience as a patient will be there, and you can see which Reno dermatologist office is right for you. While it’s helpful to get information online or from friends or family, sometimes the best way for you to make a decision is to gain your own experience and test them out for yourself. You may make a connection with your doctor that someone else couldn’t and you would never know had you not seen them for yourself. 

Speak With a Doctor Who Will Listen and Provide Alternatives to Ordinary Treatment

Another good quality to look for in a great Reno dermatologist is their willingness to listen to your concerns and provide solutions to reflect your needs and wants. Dr. Mortensen in Reno, NV is willing to think outside the box of usual treatments to really find a solution that works specifically for you. Dr. Mortensen understands that each person has different skin types and different needs and should be treated with optimal care and individuality.  

Premier Reno, NV Skin Treatment Center

Finding the best dermatologist in Reno can be challenging, but if you are willing to do your homework it should lead you right to Integrated Dermatology of Reno. For more information, call us or come in and see us in person at 500 Damonte Ranch Parkway, #1056 Reno, NV 89521.

Consult with Dr. Mortensen Reno NV

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