Skin Cancer Screening

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Skin Cancer Screening

Skin Cancer Screening services offered in Reno, NV

Skin cancer screening is the best way to detect cancer in the earliest possible stages, and should be part of your routine health care. For residents of Reno, Nevada, the board-certified dermatologist and team of medical practitioners at Integrated Dermatology of Reno offer comprehensive skin cancer screening services. Book your visit today by calling the office or spending a few moments on the online scheduling page.

Skin Cancer Screening Q&A

What is skin cancer screening?

Skin cancer screening is a professional assessment of your skin to search for any signs of cancerous or precancerous changes. You can (and should) check your own skin periodically to search for unusual changes, but there’s no replacement for having a dermatology professional perform a thorough skin cancer check.

During your visit, you remove all clothing and wear a gown to keep you comfortable. Your practitioner closely examines all areas of your skin, including your scalp, genitals, and small areas like the space behind your ears. 

It might feel awkward to have someone performing such a close inspection of every inch of your skin, but a professional skin cancer screening is an essential part of checking for abnormal changes that could indicate cancer. Remember that skin cancer is easiest to treat when caught in the early stages.

Who needs skin cancer screening?

Everyone should come in for periodic skin cancer screenings. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the nation, and if your practitioner finds an area of concern, a biopsy can determine if cancer is present. 

Your risk of developing skin cancer increases if you have:

  • Blond or red hair
  • Light skin tone
  • Skin that burns easily
  • Freckles
  • Numerous moles
  • History of sunburn
  • High sun exposure

A professional skin cancer screening takes very little time and requires no advance preparation or recovery time. You can get back to the rest of your day in no time. 

What are some symptoms of skin cancer?

Understanding the signs of skin cancer can help you know when to take action to schedule a diagnostic exam. Some of the indications that cancer may be present include:

  • Bleeding or oozing moles or spots that become crusty
  • Shiny bumps on the skin that turn a pearly white or deeper pink
  • Sores that don’t heal within a week or two
  • Any other unusual changes to a small area of skin, no matter where it is located

It’s especially important to pay close attention to moles. Any significant changes to a mole should prompt a visit to Integrated Dermatology of Reno. Some things to watch for include:

  • Moles that grow larger than the size of a pencil eraser
  • Moles with irregular borders
  • Changes in the color of a mole
  • Moles with asymmetrical shape

Booking a skin cancer screening visit takes just a few moments. Use the online scheduling tool, or call the office today to speak with a member of the administrative staff regarding appointment availability.